It’s fine to rethink the metal thingie inside some plastic whatchamajig. It’s all right to try to design a better mousetrap. But it’s just not our cup of cappuccino. What we really want to do is change the world. And to find like-minded entrepreneurs to do it with.

Areas of Interest
While we applaud all good ideas, projects and start-ups, technology companies are at the center of our attention. Our ideal investment target is characterized by the following:
- R&D at the core of its nature 
- In the Seed or early stage of company life-cycle 
- Built by people who want to be global leaders in their field 
- Set to become technology or technology-centered service providers for its customers 
- Originating from Eastern Europe and demonstrating global ambition 
- Owns intellectual property in its core technology area

When contacting us about your projects, please prepare a 2-3 page summary that outlines the core and heart of your business. Send us your proposal via webbased application system at AngelSoft. Pay attention to submission forms there - having complete application available right from the start makes it easier for us to consider your proposal, offers you faster and more comprehensive follow-up, and saves us all time.