26 June 2008

ASI Invests In Drimki to Revolutionize the Online Property Marketplace

Tallinn, June 26, 2008 – Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) announces its seed investment in Drimki, a Paris-based company with a new online real estate platform targeted at residential real estate consumers and sellers. The amount of the investment is not disclosed.

According to French government statistics, there are € 116 billion of real estate transactions each year in France. With innovative features such as geolocation and others that bring ease-of-use to traditionally complicated paper-based transactions, Drimki provides access to the entire Parisian residential real estate supply, and also offers the possibility of identifying and indicating interest on a property before it's for sale - thereby opening up and validating true market demand and dynamics.

"Bringing transparency and online efficiencies to traditional industries such as real estate is something we're always very excited about, and in this case we've been extremely impressed by the founding team of Drimki and their track record from Kelkoo, Yahoo! and Trade Doubler," said Tauno Tats, CEO, ASI. "We look forward to witnessing Drimki gain significant traction and eventually influence the global real estate marketplace."

"Drimki has the ambition to make buying and selling property a really simple process for all consumers everywhere, and we're very excited to have the support of the ASI founding partners who know better than anyone how to build a strong successful consumer platform that can scale," said Thomas Laurentin, CEO Drimki.

"Combined with our other seed investors such as Christophe Odin, Rémy Amouroux and Mauricio Lopez, co-founders of Kelkoo (acquired by Yahoo! in April 2004), we're confident that we have a superb advisory and supporting team to help us achieve our goals."

About Drimki

Based in Paris, France, Drimki was founded in 2007 by seasoned professionals from the internet and real estate industries. The company manages a comprehensive platform for surveying residential property, and enables the purchaser to find opportunities he or she would never have dreamt of before. With an initial database of more than 80,000 buildings in Paris, Drimki offers the capability for anyone to enter the Parisian real estate market before others. For additional information, please see: www.drimki.com

About ASI

Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) was established by the former founding engineers of Skype, and uses its assets to fund emerging international technology companies. ASI is mostly focusing on Eastern Europe and Russia, searching for innovative companies that are developing unique technologies or based thereon to be added to its investment portfolio. For additional information, please see: www.asi.ee

Additional Information:

Thomas Laurentin
CEO, Drimki
Skype: thomas.laurentin

Eileen Broch
Investment Director, ASI
Skype: eileenbroch