19 May 2008

ASI Invests in Senseg’s New Touch Interface Technology

Helsinki, May 19, 2008 – The investment groups Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) and Seed Fund Vera make an equity investment in Senseg, a Finnish company developing a breakthrough touch interface technology. The sum of the investment remains undisclosed.

Senseg has created a fundamentally new method to produce touch-like sensations. Senseg's leading edge technology has a wide range of applications, for example generating the feeling of virtual buttons on smooth surfaces such as mobile phones or other touch screens.

This technology will dramatically improve the usability of consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, game controllers, GPS devices and other equipment.

"Senseg's technology is something completely different. It is a novel communication technology based on human sensation," said Dr. Ville Mäkinen, PhD, CEO of Senseg.

"The technology has unprecedented potential. It can be licensed easily and used in hundreds of different ways and applications. Senseg's technology can therefore initiate a significant and fundamental change in how consumer gadgets are designed and used", Mäkinen added.

Both co-investors, ASI and Seed Fund Vera, highly value Senseg's attractive technology and game changing potential.

Toivo Annus, Managing Partner of ASI says, "Senseg's technology is remarkable - we expect to see some very exciting and category-defining new applications hit the devices markets soon."

Senseg is currently operating in stealth mode. "We will make the technology available for a select group of equipment manufacturers in the second half of 2008. The technology will be officially launched when the first products are introduced to the market, which is expected to be in 2009," said Moaffak Ahmed, Chairman of Senseg.

"We are delighted to receive the investment form ASI and Seed Fund Vera. The principals of ASI bring invaluable contacts and support to our venture, and Vera is a key player in the Finnish early stage innovation ecosystem," added Ahmed.


Senseg develops a breakthrough touch interface technology for consumer electronic devices. The technology allows major improvements in the usability of electronic equipment from mobile handsets to game controllers. Currently Senseg focuses on product development and partnering with equipment manufacturers. For additional information and news updates, please see: www.senseg.ee


Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) was established by the former founding engineers of Skype, and uses its assets to fund emerging international technology companies. ASI is mostly focusing on Eastern Europe and Russia, searching for innovative companies that are developing unique technologies or based thereon to be added to its investment portfolio. For additional information, please see: www.asi.ee

Seed Fund Vera Ltd

Seed Fund Vera Ltd is a Finnish seed fund for enterprises at early stages. The purpose of the fund is to eliminate the point of discontinuity existing between financing schemes for product development and private venture capital investment. The target enterprises should have potential to develop into growth enterprises. For additional information, please see:

Additional information

Moaffak Ahmed
Chairman, Senseg

Ville Mäkinen
CEO, Senseg
Skype: mtville

Toivo Annus
Managing Partner, ASI
Skype: toivo

Petri Laine
Investment manager, Seed Fund Vera Ltd