05 June 2009

DailyPerfect Launches Predictive News Site

Tallinn, Estonia – June 5, 2009 – DailyPerfect, an incubator project of investment company Ambient Sound Investments, has launched its flagship news service Dailyperfect.com. The service is based on the company’s predictive personalization technology and showcases an innovative behavioral targeting solution that predicts a user's interests through an automated semantic analysis of publicly available information on the web, requiring minimal or no input from the user.

“Preparation work done by our innovative prediction and recommendation engine saves readers time and effort,” said Louis Kanganis, CEO of DailyPerfect.
DailyPerfect's technology semantically analyzes information publicly available about its users on the web, makes predictions about their interests, and delivers a personalized news feed. When a user first arrives at DailyPerfect.com, they are asked one simple question – “what is your name?” With the answer to that question and nothing else, DailyPerfect’s proprietary technology analyzes each user’s digital footprint and derives a profile of their interests within seconds. DailyPerfect uses this profile to scan through thousands of news feeds from around the world and generates a news site that is personalized for each user.
DailyPerfect is also releasing an API (Application Programming Interface) that will allow publishers, advertising networks, direct marketers and e-commerce providers to utilize the company’s unique behavioral targeting service to positively impact their click-through rates, content relevancy, conversions and revenue.
“Our technology’s ability to generate relevant profiles of users without the use of cookies gives publishers, advertisers and direct marketers a privacy-friendly opportunity to significantly improve their program metrics and content selection,” Louis Kanganis said.
About DailyPerfect
DailyPerfect is an early-stage behavioral targeting startup. Our innovative personalization technology is able to predict a user’s interests through an automated semantic analysis of publicly available information on the web, requiring minimal or no input from the user. The DailyPerfect project was initiated by Ambient Sound Investments (www.asi.ee) and Curonia Research (www.curonia.com). Our team is lead by CEO and startup veteran Louis Kanganis, Co-Founder Asko Seeba (the former Engineering Manager at Skype), and Co-Founder and CTO Ahti Heinla (a partner at Ambient Sound Investments and the former Lead Architect at Skype). For more information, please visit http://www.dailyperfect.com.
About Ambient Sound Investments
Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) is an investment group founded in 2003 with the objective of managing and investing the assets of Skype‘s four Estonian founding engineers. ASI primarily finances international start-up technology companies from its own funds. The company has financed dozens of technology start-ups worldwide: in Asia, the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Finland, and Russia. Alongside portfolio investments ASI is working on its own ideas in ASI Incubator, where DailyPerfect has also been developed. For more information, please visit http://www.asi.ee.

For More Information, please contact:
Louis Kanganis
CEO, DailyPerfect
GSM: +1 (914) 330-9950
Skype: kanganis