17 October 2007

Pet owners’ social networking sites funded by Skype Co-Founders

Tallinn, October 18, 2007 – Social networking websites for pet owners Uniteddogs.com and Unitedcats.com receive funding from Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), the investment group established by the co-founding engineers of Skype. Also the launch of four new language versions of both websites is announced.

ASI and the Estonian Internet start-up United Dogs & Cats Ltd (UDC) have reached to an agreement that will give ASI 15% stake in UDC. In addition, ASI will participate in further perfecting UDC's websites. The sum of the investment remains undisclosed.

UDCis developing new type of social networking websites that concentrate uniting people based on their interests rather than connecting users with the people they already know. UDC aims to create a global network of localized websites and grow the number of active users.

The websites offer a possibility to make a free homepage for the pet, upload and comment photos and videos, keep pet blogs, engage and share stories with other pet owners.

"Additional funding is vital for a start-up such as UDC," says Ragnar Sass, the co-founder and CEO of United Dogs & Cats. "This investment will provide us with the means to localize the service to more markets faster. We also greatly value the know-how which the investment brings along from ASI to develop truly useful and fun websites the people who love their pets."

In addition to the existing versions in English and Estonian the company also announces new versions in German, French, Dutch and Latvian. UDC also promises to keep adding new languages to its portfolio.

According to Sass UDC wants the websitesto be available in as many languages as possible. "This is the key to the growing the number of users. We add a new language to our websites practically every week."

According to the Tauno Tats, the CEO of ASI the value is in the UDC team and growth potential. "We expect UDC to grow the user number as the existing websites can be localized fast and other services could easily be added."

"Pets are a growing trend in the world but today only a small percentage of them are represented in websites like UDC offers. It represents an enormous potential for UDC," concludes Tats.

Ambient Sound Investments

Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) was established by the four founding engineers of Skype. ASI is a investing shareholders' equity primarily in Eastern European start-ups offering innovative technology and services. Since March 2006 the company has invested 8,2 millon EUR in 12 companies in several sectors including telematics, biotechnology and power electronics. For more information, please visit: www.asi.ee

United Dogs and Cats

United Dogs and Cats Ltd is an Estonian Internet start-up, the founder and developer of the new type of social networking websites Unitedogs.com and Unitedcats.com. UDC is creating a network of localized websites for all lovers of dogs and cats. The websites currently uniting over 9,000 users and generating over 50,000 visits per month represent a fun and useful source of information and an opportunity to engage with other pet owners. UDC also actively partners with animal rights organizations to raise important issues in the general public. For more information and links to local web pages, please visit: www.uniteddogsandcats.com

Additional Information:

Ragnar Sass
CEO, United Dogs & Cats
Skype: ragnarsass

Tauno Tats
CEO, Ambient Sound Investments
Skype: taunotats