Before applying for funding, please read about our investment process below. To apply, please submit your query via e-mail or contact a member of our team.

Before making an investment, our decision-making process involves:
  • 1. First consideration, where we want to get excited about your team and product.
  • 2. Analysis of your business proposal, where we look in detail at your team, technology, financials, business model, customers, and strategic partners, and prefer to meet you in person.
  • 3. Term sheet, where we agree on the value of your business, the amount and terms of investment.
4. Due diligence process, where we verify the value of your technology and business as well as assess its legal aspects.
5. Signing the shareholders' agreement, where we formalize our investment.

Our typical mode of working in the pre-investment stage is through multiple rounds of questions and answers. In addition, we want to meet you and talk to your customers, strategic partners and your other investors.